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I wanted to share some information from my friend Terence Bartlett, the frugal traveler. We met on a cruise. He is from England and writes a blog about Travel

Ocean Cruising

According to Alan Fox Chairman of

Ocean Cruising has always offered the biggest bang for your travel buck because your stateroom, meals, entertainment and transportation costs are all included in one low price. Today, the value of a cruise vacation compared to a resort or all-inclusive land based vacation is better than ever, especially if you are able to avoid flying and drive to a U.S. or Canadian port of departure. 

Frugal Traveller

As you know we have been using since 1998 because their prices on Transatlantic and Caribbean and World  Cruises provide outstanding value for money. However not so good on Carnival Corporation cruises from the U.K. eg Southampton to Mediterranean destinations as price fixing by the Cruise Lines on these lucrative U.K. profitable cruise journeys exists and U.K. Travel Agents and VTGO are unable to reduce prices unless directed to do so by the Cruise Line. If they do then their travel franchise is withdrawn by the Cruise Line.

From Sandy

Even if you have a travel agent or prefer to book direct with the cruise lines, we have found that researching on vacation to go is an excellent way to find the cruise that you might be interested in taking. Their site contains all the cruises and all the cruise lines that are available. You can filter by cruise line, date, or location.

Once you have found the cruise options that you are interested in, you can book through vacations to go, your travel agent or directly with the cruise line. At least you will have an idea of what the price should be.

Once you know the price, it helps you to make an informed decision.

This is the best time to take your next cruise vacation.

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