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Our Story

In 2018, Sandy and Gaynell established their event company in Clermont, FL. Their business portfolio includes managing farmer markets, coordinating food trucks for local communities, and orchestrating 3-5 festivals annually. Fuelled by a shared passion for exploration, Sandy embarked on a journey of complimentary cruises, initially through Carnival and later Royal Caribbean, courtesy of their respective casinos, starting back in 2015.

In April 2017, Gaynell joined Sandy on a 4-night cruise with Royal Caribbean to delve into the world of casino cruising. Upon disembarking, Gaynell found herself elevated to Prime status for the year, armed with a certificate for a complimentary cruise and the promise of an annual free voyage by year-end. Remarkably, their success was achieved through accessible means available to anyone.

Since that pivotal voyage, Sandy and Gaynell along with their husbands have embarked on numerous cruises, broadening their horizons across various cruise lines. Eager to extend their knowledge and benefits to others, they've shared their insights with friends and family who also receive casino offers. Now, they're keen to extend their wisdom to a wider audience, whether you're drawn to gambling or simply enamored with the allure of cruising and travel. Their journey has unearthed a treasure trove of tips and tricks, and they're excited to pass them on to you.

**note- we are not travel agents. These are our opinions and should not be taken as fact.  "Free Cruises" still have to pay port charges, taxes, gratuities and any other onboard expenses not included with the cost of the actual cruise.  There are also no guarantees what the casino with offer or change. This is purely for fun.

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