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Apply to be a Vendor

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Four Corners 1st Saturday
16729 Cagan Oak, Clermont
5-8 pm         $25 Vendor fee
No electricity available

Cagan Crossings Market 
Every Friday 10 am-2 pm
16729 Cagan Oak, Clermont
$20 vendor fee

3 Festivals a year
Spring, Fall, and Holiday

$50 vendor fee

Events by S&G Market - Rules & Regulations

By reading and signing this agreement, you agree to follow the Rules and Regulations.

1.  Vendors are responsible for the following: Supplying their own tent with side walls, tables, chairs, signage, tablecloths (must completely cover the table to the ground on all sides, legs should not be exposed), tent weights (20-40lbs per tent leg is recommended), lights (electric and battery), portable power station (no generators), extensions cords at proper length (black or dark green), clean up trash, and cleaning your space before leaving.  

2.  Vendors must maintain a professional appearance while working at the Market, including having clean hair, fingernails, and clothing. Any vendor handling food samples should wear gloves and provide trash receptacles. Vendors and all persons working on their behalf at the Market including but not limited to, their employees, agents, family, and volunteers shall conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner with other Vendors, Market personnel, and Market patrons. Under NO circumstances may any vendor approach another vendor to discuss vendor activities, or operational or product issues. ALL concerns or complaints must be emailed and not discussed at the market.  Verbal and non-verbal communication of vendors, employees, agents, family, or volunteers shall be always respectful and courteous. Please be mindful of other vendors regarding their tent space, items, and tables.  All profane, abusive, discourteous, and boisterous language and/or conduct within the Market area shall be prohibited. The use of discourteous harassing, intimidating, threatening, insulting, or abusive language, gestures, etc., either in person or by electronic/digital media shall be prohibited and failure to do so is the cause for immediate removal from the Market.

3.  No pets or other animals shall be permitted in the Vendors’ booth.

4.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING/VAPING BY VENDORS OR THEIR EMPLOYEES INSIDE THE MARKET AREA. Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. This includes vapor cigarettes.

5.  By Vendor’s operation at the Market, Vendor consents to the Market’s right to photograph or video any Vendor or Vendor booth for the use of advertising or promotion of the Market on social media, websites, or in print. All images will become the property of Events by S&G, LLC.

6.  If you are interested in adding additional items/products that were not approved during the application process, please send an email to Gaynell ( with an explanation and photos.

7.  Vendors’ children are not permitted in the booth unless they are working the booth.

8.  Vendors shall NOT break down or independently end their market day without the consent of the Market Managers.

Weather & Safety Regulations:

1.  We do not cancel the Market due to weather unless a Hurricane is coming through, and communication will be sent via email, text.  You should arrive at the Market at Load-in time.  If the weather is still happening at Load-in time, we will delay setting up until it is deemed clear enough.  Also, if we need to cancel the Market due to weather, that decision is not made until 8 am at Cagan.

2.  The Market Manager’s prime concern is safety during bad weather conditions, such as wind, rain, and lightning. The Managers may choose to close the Market early as needed. It is recommended that all Vendors have a “Quick Break-Down Plan” to maximize the speed and protection of merchandise when poor weather occurs.

3.  Vendors are permitted at any time to protect merchandise by covering it with a tarp or using the tent side walls during sudden weather changes. Lowering your tent by 2-3 feet to stabilize is allowed.

4.  Violation of any general public safety rules or Market policy listed in this Agreement by vendor or staff may result in termination of space rental. Vendors shall generally be given a verbal and/or written warning as a courtesy from the Market Managers of any such violation, but it is not required before termination.

5.  Everything must be stowed away and out of sight, keeping the booth area neat and clean.  You may stow under your table if you are not using the stretchy tablecloths. Vendors should not use the sidewalks as an extension of their tents or products.  Please note: Always pull over as close to the curb as possible to allow other vehicles to get by. There is only one way in and one way out.


Liability Clause:

The Vendor understands that by agreeing to the Rules & Regulations, the Vendor agrees to be forever prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against Events by S&G for any property loss or personal injury that the Vendor may sustain while participating in or preparing for any events sponsored by Events by S&G.

By signing, you agree that you have received, read, understand, and will abide by these rules to participate in these markets.  We advise keeping a copy for your records as well.

Here's a copy of the Rules & Regulations.

**When you have been accepted to a market, please check the registration page for any specific rules for that market.  There will be load in and payment rules for that market.
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