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These are sites we use for our travels.  Try them out

Want a great excursion at a reasonable price?  Viator is the way.  Guaranteed and you can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the excursion.  Visit the VIATOR site.  We have used them all over the world

Did you know that most health insurance does not cover you when you leave the country. Travel insurance gives you the added coverage needed for basic health, emergency care, travel interruption and more.    You can purchase insurance per trip or yearly.  For many people, yearly is more affordable. We pay $290 per year for 2. Two companies that I recommend are Allianz Insurance and Geo Blue

UR Comped

Do you like to gamble?  Do you receive complimentary cruises now?  UR Comped will bargain with other cruise lines and land casinos to get you free offers.  It is a nice way to try other cruise lines. It is a free service

Expedia is a great site to shop and compare pricing on cruises, airlines, hotels, bed &breakfast and more. 


When we travel, we like to take a less traditional place to stay then a hotel.  Bed & Breakfast is a wonderful way to meet the locals and experience the culture.  It takes a little research to find the right place.  The filters will help you get everything that is important to you such as location, type of accommodation and price.  We often find them to be less expensive and more accommodating then a hotel.  Be sure to read the reviews.

When flying to Europe we like Norse Air.  They have limits on where they fly but check to see if they work for you.  They fly out of major Cities in Europe and go to JFK and Orlando in the US.  There are other Cities too.

We find them to be about half the price of other airlines.  Their planes are newer, staff is friendly and prices are

great. They also list prices on Expedia

Off site parking

Off site parking can save you money and is easy.  Check out your local sources.  Typically, you park your car in their lot.  They load your luggage and shuttle you to the front door of the airline or cruise ship.  In Florida, we usually pay between $6-$10 per day instead of $20-$25 for onsite and you don't have to walk to the door. Google it

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