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A word from the “Frugal Traveler “

One of the things I love most about cruising is the people you meet. Last November we met a lovely couple from England on a cruise in the Caribbean. He writes an interesting email series on how to travel with airlines and hotels using points from your credit cards. We had an opportunity to meet up with him again in Southampton on our 41 day European cruise.

This is what he sent in his email blog to his followers:

From Terence the Frugal Traveler

Supplement to Yesterday’s  travel news 

Hi Everyone - Being the end of the UK Bank Holiday last Friday road traffic was busy and end of half term school holidays and it was very busy when I travelled  to the Port of Southampton 11 reported ships had arrived in the harbour . I returned yesterday using Great Western Railway to and from Bath Spa station and had an interesting and positive meeting. As the Frugal Traveller I  met up at the Hilton Bowl Hotel with two remarkable American Cruisers from Florida  Scott and Sandy  who had sailed into the port of Southampton on one of their many cruises whom Carolyn and I met last November on Sky Princess. I was not going to miss the opportunity of meeting up with them again to discuss frugal travel orientated related Free Cruise opportunities offered by Cruise Lines that few of us will ever experience? It was I believe mutually rewarding and well worth the crowded railway and port journey…

Most of us gamble everyday we cross the road or even buy a lottery ticket or have a flutter on the various classic horse races or see a one armed Bandit in the airport if visiting  Las Vegas in my eyes one of the Western gambling capitals of the world- Another being  Macau China being the Asian Capital of the world.

Sandy & Scott who are both in the fourth quarter of their lives and use a methodology that has attracted 27 FREE cruises planned for this year alone and have attracted cruise status accreditation with several of the major cruise lines due to the number of cruises they make - and all they pay are the port taxes?

It’s what many of us do in the UK with Reward Points or Air Miles  and just pay the taxes they do with cruise Ships and earn points when spending  limited amounts of 

money in the various group ship casinos - They limit their financial risk to $100  US Dollars  or (£78 per day.) In other words what I would term -“Responsible Gambling “  not Reckless Gambling. 

As Sandy and Scott will tell you if you do not enjoy the fun or excitement of winning cash prizes or losing your original stake then do not gamble.Especially with money you cannot afford to lose?

This is as George Clooney would say in the film “Up In The Air” hope you watched yesterday’s trailer - “A LIFESTYLE  REBIRTH.” from Land to Sea. They use a certain technique mostly playing Penny Slot Machines in the Casino which started by using their Free on board spend awarded by the cruise line many years ago. 

Here is our travel schedule through the end of January. By the time you read this, it will probably have changed to fill in the blanks.

It tells you the dates, cruise line, B is balcony, A means aqua class, jr suite, etc To date this year, we have been on 140 days of cruising out of 152 days. Seven weeks of that was in Australia/New Zealand and 41 days are in Europe. That may not be your dream, but would you like to add a couple more cruises a year or more?

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