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UR Comped? If you already get casino, offers from one cruise line, check out UR Comped.

It is free to use

I wanted to share with you a conversation that Gaynell had with your Comped.

Hello; My wife and I have booked cruises with you in the past and she continues to receive offers from you. We are Royal Cruise Line Diamond Plus members and Celebrity Cruise Line Elite members. She is currently at Casino Prime level with Royal and at Sapphire level with Celebrity. Does booking a cruise on Royal or Celebrity with URComped affect our status with these cruise lines in any way? We have heard it does. Thank you. Chris & Gaynell Kelley 

response from UR Comped

Hi Gaynell,No, booking a cruise through URComped will not negatively affect your status with Royal or Celebrity Cruise Lines. We work in partnership with these cruise lines, and your tier status (Diamond Plus with Royal and Elite with Celebrity) is fully recognized. If anything, using URComped can enhance your casino privileges or offers without affecting your existing status. Rest assured, your currentlevels of Casino Prime with Royal and Sapphire with Celebrity will be maintained or could potentially be improved. So, feel free to enjoy the benefits of URComped offers without any worries!

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