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How are Casino offers determined? What is ADT?

Two of the most common metrics casinos use to generate offers are ADT, which stands for Average Daily Theoretical, and ATT, which is Average Trip Theoretical. "Theoretical" is an equation used by casinos to determine the value that a player has in the casino. It essentially means what the casino should have theoretically won based on how much a player has gambled. The equation is average bet Xs the house advantage of the specific casino game being player Xs the time played or hands dealt.

So players may win big or lose big but that will not affect their Theoretical value.

Average Daily Theoretical or ADT is the average theoretical per day generated by a player. This is a number that casinos use to value your daily play and most of your land-based offers from casinos are based on that.

Average Trip Theoretical or ATT is the average theoretical per trip generated by a player. This is a number that casinos use to value your total trip play and most of your cruise casino offers are based on that.

But what if I go to the casino and lose $10K in 1 hour, so my theoretical is low because my time played was low? The casinos will sometimes use "actual" value instead of "theoretical" for offers in this situation. Those metrics are ADA (Average Daily Actual) and ADW (Average Daily Worth) or ATA (Average Trip Actual) or ATW (Average Trip Worth). "Actual" is the value of what the casino actually won from the player, or a player's actual loss. No worries!

Sound complicated? Not really. The best thing you can do is to be consistent with your gambling. Set your budget. Play what you like to play and let the casino decide what to give you. If possible, learn what the levels are for the particular cruise casino that you are in. Check in with the host periodically to find out where you stand so far with them. Go and stick with it. The offers will come.

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