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Casino tip #2

What does it take to get a "free" cruise on Royal Caribbean? See the above flyer. This is sitting on the casino host desk, so you can view it anytime you're on the cruise. As you can see, you'll get money off a cruise up until 1200 points. That's when you receive a free interior on select cruises. It continues to offer you many other levels with more points. The certificate is awarded before you leave the cruise. Be sure to reserve a date with future cruises. You don't have to book it, but you have to reserve the cruise to get the maximum benefits.

Your points on Royal will accumulate from April 1 through March 31. Even if you don't earn a free cruise this time, if you accumulate 2500 for the year, you will get a free cruise and free drinks in the casino for the whole year as a Prime member.

REMEMBER, best points are on slots, then video poker, and last are tables for accumulating points.

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