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Spring Forward
Around the World
Saturday, February 25, 2023

Join us to sample food from
around the world
Travel the continents
Shop the world of Vendors & Crafte
Kid Zone


Apply as Vendor/Food Truck        Sponsorship Opportunities

Vendor Rules
1. We will select 2-3 food vendors for each continent
      When those spaces are filled we will not accept more in 
      that category.  Food vendor must sell a $5 small sample            plate from their Country.
2.  Crafters/Vendors will be selected based on their products 
     and how they fit into the continent.  If you have specific
     product that enhances a continent, please let us know.
3.  We will have some non specific areas for general crafters
4.  If you have a travel specific business (travel agent, RV's, 
     automobiles, etc) you will be accepted.
5.  Kidzone vendors will be accepted
Vendor Load in Instructions
1. Load in starts at 8:00am - show starts 10am
2. Please enter from the correct road
     If your space starts with the letter A, B, C, D or E- enter from Lake Road E,F, G, H, J, L, N or P - enter from 7th Street.  K, M, G - enter from 8th Street If you have any questions, please contact us. You must enter at the correct street.
We will have volunteers help you find your spot.
4. When you arrive at your spot, pull over as far as possible so traffic can continue by you.  Unload quickly, park your vehicle in vendor parking and return to set up your tent.
5. Do not break down your space before 4pm
6.  At the end of the show, break down your entire space, including your tent. Get your vehicle and return to your space the same way you came in that morning.  Quickly load your vehicle and exit.
7.  Do not block the road to load or unload as all vendors need access.  Anyone blocking the road will be asked to move and will not be asked to return to a future event!.
8.  You are responsible for your own tent, weights, table, chairs, table linens to the ground, signage and product
9. Vendor parking and restrooms are on the map
10. Food and beverage vendors are located throughout the street.
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