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Every Thursday 6-10 pm

promenade PLAZA flyer.jpg
3251 Margaritaville Blvd Kissimmee

Payment Rules:

  • Making your payments on time means you have committed to attend as events are non-refundable.

  • If you should call out after your payment is received, you have forfeited your spot and payment.  


  • Thursday Market payment is due no later than 5 pm on Wednesday or for your Business Name to be on the flyer, pay is due no later than 5 PM on the Tuesday before.  

  • For Thursday Market only: If the Market should get canceled after your payment is received, a one-time courtesy to the following week will be provided.

**It is our policy that no refunds will be issued once registration payment is made

Vendor Load In/Out:

  1. Place a sign on the driver's dash that says VENDOR for Security.

  2. Enter off Hwy 192 on Innovation Dr between Wawa and Waterpark to the roundabout (rotary).

  3. Load in between 4:30-5:30PM.  If you are unable to arrive during these time frames, you MUST contact Jessica via text to state you are unable to attend the event.

  4. Please watch your speed and pull in slowly, see the Market Manager, get your location, and drop off your product at your spot. Please do not place any items on the sidewalks. Exit the end of the road by the stage and go around the roundabout to the parking lot behind all the buildings. We must park in parking spaces behind the green line.

  5. All vendors must be set up and ready by 6:00PM.

  6. Market ends at 10PM, at this time when Vendors are allowed to break down and pack up their products unless a prior agreement is made regarding weather. Once your spot is fully broken down including your tent (unless there is weather), you will drive back in the same way you came for drop-off, load your vehicle, and exit out the same way at the end of the road by the stage.

  7. When loading your vehicle, please make sure your engine and lights are off. Please do not place any items on the sidewalks.


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