Festival load in info
1. Load in begins at 8am. Show starts at 10am.  All vehicles need to be off the road by 9:45am and vendors should be ready to sell
2. Enter (GPS) 685 W. Montrose St  Clermont by Lake St or 7th St.  You will be shown to your vendor space when you arrive. Know your number, which will be assigned the week prior to the show. Exit by 8th Street. Park as far away from W. Montrose as you can so we leave parking for attendees. Grass parking lot on 7th St and Minnehaha is good.
3. Pull over as close to the curb as possible for unloading  do not set up Park first and return to set up after parking
4. At the end of the show, please do the same in reverse.  Break down your space, get your vehicle entering and exiting the same one way as in the morning, load your car quickly and leave by 8th St.
5. We will have over 150 vendors all trying to enter and exit at the same time. Please be sure to pull over as close to the curb so you are not blocking them.
6. All vendors are responsible for their own tent, weights, table, chairs, tablecloth that reaches to the ground, signage and product.  We are a rain or shine festival so please bring tarps to cover your product in case of rain. There are no refunds.
7. We will have food vendors and trucks as well as local restaurants throughout the show.
8.  Please like and share this event on your social media.           
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